Sabertooth x99 overclocking software

Tuf sabertooth x99, equipped intel x99 chipset and socket 2011v3, contains. We have spent some time with the sabertooth x99 over the last few days. The x99 sabertooth isnt designed to be a bastion of overclocking, but the use of the oc socket and upgraded components is designed to help improve frequencies. Perhaps the sabertooth x99s most standout feature, however, is its nextgen interface support. Drivers antivirus software oem version asustuf cpuz. It was the first motherboard series to include extra pins in the x99 socket to improve overclocking stability. The io cover is probably the best place to see that design evolution where the seamless design of previous models have been replaced with a mixture of navy gray and black. It seems this motherboard is becoming quite popular, and i recently picked one up for myself. This is a short summary meant as a reminder please read the full rules on the wiki before posting. The asus tuf sabertooth x99 motherboard is a masterpiece in more ways than one. For our purposes, well be using the bigboy 5960x, users of the latter two should have no issues following this guide, as it is the same process. One of things we love to do here in the pcdiy labs is put hardware through it paces. With the sabertooth, asus has brought in the evolved design to x99 as well. Same goes of cpu oc, the adaptive mode for vcore only works if you select 100bclk.

Thoughts hackededited biosspecific cpu steppings software override for clocksspecific. A beginners guide to overclocking the intel x99 cpu. Today steve looks at overclocking intels first 8core desktop cpu, the core i7 5960x. Asus sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd in many ways with the software and hardware packages, but one of the best things the company has done over the past few generations has been the implementation of the crash free uefi bios. Coming into x99 and haswelle is entirely different and im reaching out for some advice, and even assistance if offered. It is truly a joy having the sabertooth z170 mark 1 in the lab. We get asus special oc socket, ttopology for the ddr4 memory, asus.

Lan ports, extra pins in the cpu socket for maximum overclocking and so much more. The uefi used for asus tuf sabertooth x99 motherboard is largely identical to the implementation used on its other x99 motherboards. Please use specifications from the compatibility list to confirm processors part number before ordering. Jj from asus along with carey walkthrough the ins and outs of overclocking your cpu and memory on asus x99 motherboards. I thought that was sabertooth x99 s problem or the cpus imc problem. Asus x99 sabertooth tuf ddr4 lga2011v3 motherboard. If you have the rampage board, you might have better luck. As for aesthetics aspect, asuss implemenation of the thermal armor on the sabertooth x99 is definitely the best decision ever as weve been seeing the high end tuf boards gone naked since the. Nevertheless, the software does not outwardly promote overclocking, instead focusing on longevity. Problem is i do like the functionality of the aisuite.

Tuf sabertooth x99, equipped intel x99 chipset and socket 2011v3, contains an impressive assortment of tufcrafted features, including exclusive thermal armor for extreme cooling, it is able to reduce up to 10 degree temperature from vrm area, a brand new tuf detective is a free companion app put detail information and an essential interface right on your smartphone or tablet. As this is an x99 overclocking guide, our choices for cpus are limited to 3 options. Packed with features and accessories found nowhere else. Theres a lot to be said for asuss efis and the sabertooth x99 is no exception. Or you can browse through the sabertooth x99 owners thread in. Going to jump right into it, system specs are as follows. You get the manual, driver and software disc, certificate of reliability. Since the exact same mobo and cpu would gladly take my 128gb ram at ddr43000, with cl14141435 timing. Rog strix geforce rtx 2080 ti oc edition 11gb gddr6 with enthusiastlevel technology for extreme 4k and vr. If you remember when usb 3 hit the shelves, there was a distinct lack of compatible devices and the same is true for usb 3. Overclocking ram on sabertooth x99 page 2 techpowerup. The asus x99 is designed to perform as good as it looks and comes. Every single component in my rig is working flawlessly until it lost its. To determine part numbers for the asus sabertooth x99 motherboard, we use best guess approach based on cpu model, frequency and features.

Pcb color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. It is an embedded controller that combines with thermal radar 2 software to allow control of 9 dcpwm fans 1 x cpu fan, 4 x chassis fans, 5 x assistant fans and has 12 thermal sensors for realtime monitoring and control. The new standards has set, with the speed going all the way upto 800mbsec compared to around 400mbsec for usb 3. Using these straps prevents system crashing while overclocking on the edge and opens doors to achieve the absolute maximum. Looking at stability and reliability as well as usability elements whether it be software, hardware or firmware based. The innovative thermal armor design creates a unique appearance, but. For overclocking 5960x processors, we recommend psus that can supply a minimum of 30 amps to eps 12v.

Meanwhile, the sabertooth x99s efi was the usual slick asus affair, and overclocking proved to be an easy task. X99 is a chipset which enables overclocking, and almost every motherboard for the platform is built to handle it. Check out asus x99 sabertooth tuf ddr4 lga2011v3 motherboard dual usb 3. The sabertooth x99 is positioned as the only tuf sku representative in the intel hedt platform. The asus sabertooth x99 makes no compromises with support for the latest tech usb 3. X79 or x99 welcome, were looking at both chipsets and any combination of parts or sockets that might work. The msi x99 motherboards all come with the next generation clock generator offering even lower jitter and power consumption resulting in even higher stability under extreme conditions. If you need some help getting started with x99, take a look. The sabertooth isnt exactly a hardcore memoryclocking board though, so you are limited by what the bois offers.

Tuf hits the big screen on intels x99 chipset but is the sabertooth x99. It is for these reasons that weve decided to bring you, our loyal viewers. Intel, asus, overclocking, motherboards, tuf, x99, sabertooth x99, usb 3. The asus sabertooth x99 is a socket 2011 v3 x99 motherboard built for. This subreddit is for links, discussions and questions about overclocking and underclocking. The asus sabertooth x99 is a socket 2011 v3 x99 motherboard built for use with haswelle processors like the intel core i7 5960x. Buy asus x99 sabertooth tuf ddr4 lga2011v3 motherboard dual usb 3.

There has not been any update for the sabertooth x99 since july. Or you can browse through the sabertooth x99 owners thread in overclock. We get asus special oc socket, ttopology for the ddr4 memory, asus tuf sound solution, usb 3. X99 is a chipset which enables overclocking, and almost every. Overclocking ram on sabertooth x99 page 3 techpowerup. The available version of aisuite iii on sabertooth x99 download site is not the latest. Cpu and memory overclocking is fairly easy compared to both sabertooth z97 mark 1 and mark s, especially for the 3000 mhz memory overclocking result.

I am using an msi x99 gaming pro carbon, and both my 5930k and my 6950x can run all memory dividers without any issues on 100 mhz bclk. Tuf sabertooth x99 i wish that there was a motherboard that could last me until my entire rig blows up. The sabertooth x99 features tuf ice, a hardware solution that provides 5 extra dcpwm compatible fan headers. But it seems i have a decent enough 5820k that i was easily able to quickly manually dial in a stable 4. After installing that version of aisuite i am getting a lot of bsod in windows 10. The asus ai suite 3 is noticeably lacking an in operating system overclocking utility on the sabertooth x99. Testing asus tuf series motherboard the x99 sabertooth will.

There are a load of accessories that come with the x99 sabertooth, in fact, i have never seen so many accessories come with a motherboard before. The stock speed benchmark results were mightily impressive, most likely due to the sabertooth x99s fairly aggressive cpu turbo mode, which saw the. Minimum recommended psus for haswelle are upwards of 1,000w if using more than one high performance gpu. Overclocking ram on sabertooth x99 page 6 techpowerup. For air cooling the value is much lower, limiting total overclock, so plan your cooling investment appropriately.

Asus tuf sabertooth x99 lga 2011v3 intel x99 sata 6gbs usb 3. To illustrate the commitment to tuf lets take a look at the bundle that comes with the tuf sabertooth x99. Page sabertooth x99 specifications summary 128 mb flash rom, uefi ami bios, pnp, dmi 2. Asus ratiobased automatic overclocking garnered a 3. While the tuf sabertooth is designed to be a tough board weve seen beautiful in os overclocking utilities and the lack of an inos overclocker is a glaring hole in the tuf sabertooths armor. There are a lot of settings here, most of which will be overkill for your average overclocker, but despite this the. The x99 sabertooth sits between a rock and hard place when it comes to overclocking. Well start with a basic explanation of what overclocking is, run through some of the software used for overclocking as well as our hardware setup, and provide a simple, yet detailed guide to overclocking. The asus tuf sabertooth x99 is designed to be durable and they back it with a 5 year warranty.

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