Grange hill series 9 episode 17

Apr 03, 2019 grange hill is one of britains top tv shows that kids used to race home from school to watch. Mar 15, 2016 watch grange hill series 17 episode 17 channel on dailymotion. Series 17 originally aired from 4th january 1994 to 11th march 1994. Most of these stories have previously been on the old grange hill forum. Roly cuts himself in woodwork did he do it on purpose so he could go home. Alex and bryns acquisition of a fridge contribute towards grange hill s football efforts, max discovers it was chloe who took the picture of him, and tanya makes plans for her birthday. Grange hill ended in september 2008 with a return appearance by todd carty, where tucker persuaded his nephew togger johnson not to give up on school like he did. Ant jones gets into an accelerated spiral of trouble with mr.

The double dare gang take the cardboard boxes that max had earmarked from his dads hotel. It is the first day at grange hill comprehensive for a group of new first years. This week, the first four series of grange hill have made it onto dvd, and were celebrating in the way we best know how by having a big quiz. Taylor was surprised by karens animosity towards him he at least thought shed be on his side. Later in the series, suzanne who had constantly flouted uniform rules reappears dressed in current fashions as boy george.

May 17, 20 the classic grange hill of the 80s spanned two fairly distinct eras with a bit of overlapping. The 6th form get their exam results, trevor has a meeting with the grange hill ghost and ant jones cant please either his own st joes team or his old grange hill friends. Find out when mastermind is on tv, including series 17episode 9. Grange hill series 17 episode 17 video dailymotion. Grange hill season 9 episode 19 episode 19 watch on kodi. Two dvd box sets covering the first four series were released in 2007. Arriving on screen in series 9 1986, ant jones play ed by ricky simmonds,became one of grange hills most popular characters. Grange hill tv show season 24 episodes list next episode.

Grange hill season 7 episode 8 episode 8 watch on kodi. Grange hill did really change, though after gonch, ziggy and bronson left, the new theme, titles and sets gave the programme a very different look. Series 7 onwards are currently available on youtube, series 8 has been the poorest season so far mainly due to the lack of a bully character gripper departed in series 7 and the whole storyline of the stage production the kids were rehearsing for which they performed in the final episode. Grange hill series 16 episode 11 video dailymotion.

The series follows the lives of the staff and pupils of the eponymous school, an innercity london comprehensive school. Watch grange hill series 16 episode 18 channel on dailymotion. On his first day at grange hill, ziggy asserts his authority over imelda davis. Series 9 originally aired from 7th january 1986 to 1st april 1986.

Alex and bryn return with the fridge but a crowd commandeers it and the fridge bolts upright, causing the ball to bounce off it and grange hill to score the winning goal. Grange hill season 1 episode 9 episode 9 watch on kodi. Test your knowledge on old school grange hill trivia. Grange hill series 16 episode 18 video dailymotion. Grange hill gold dedicated to grange hill 19781990 page 2. Grange hill is a british drama television series that focuses on the lives of the pupils at the fictional north london comprehensive school, grange hill, in the fictitious london borough of northam. Miss gordon gets her wish for a life model in the art club, but suddenly there are a host of new members eager to join up. Student arrivals cheryl webb, ant jones, danny kendall, laura reagan, julia glover, louise webb, ziggy greaves, georgina hayes.

The twelfth series of the british television drama series grange hill began broadcasting on 3 january 1989, before ending on 10 march 1989 on bbc one. This series of grange hill was the halfway point of ma mckluskeys life as headmistress at grange hill. Feeling sorry for himself, taylor blamed the colour of his skin eventually, he admitted that mr green hit him. The seventeenth series of the british television drama series grange hill began broadcasting on 4 january 1994, before ending on 11 march 1994 on bbc one. Grange hill 1986 series 9 episode 21 part 3 of 3 duration. Mar 05, 2016 watch grange hill series 16 episode 11 channel on dailymotion. Season 9 improves, a new female bully arrives imelda. Series 9 is the 9th series of childrens bbc grange hill which consisted of 24 episodes. Season 24 guide for grange hill tv series see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. The twentysecond series of the british television drama series grange hill began broadcasting on 26 january 1999, before ending on 1 april 1999 on bbc one. Miscellaneous gh pictures, humorous or crazy episode pictures in progress tuckers return a grange hill musical performed in 1989 press pack for series 29. The drama takes a look at teenagers and their dilemmas in a secondary school. Although series 12 is excellent as are all the mid and late 80s grange hill series my personal favourites are series 17 19 the grittiest, most dramatic era of grange hill.

Series 17 is the 17th series of childrens bbc grange hill which consisted of 20 episodes. A trip to a youth club becomes an unpleasant experience. The twentyseventh series of the british television drama series grange hill began broadcasting on 6 january 2004, before ending on 11 march 2004 on bbc one. Most of the focus is on benny, judy, tucker, trisha, justin and ann who sleeps in. The ninth series of the british television drama series grange hill began broadcasting on 7 january 1986, before ending in 1986 on bbc one. Just what sort of pet has calley brought to school in a cardboard box. The school merger puts grange hill in a state of confusion on the first day of term. Grange hill 1986 series 9episode 17 part 1 of 3 youtube. Nov 20, 2018 some of the bestloved cast members of grange hill have been reunited 40 years after the childrens drama series first hit screens. Gripper nabs zammo and jonahs cash, but they have no intention to continue paying him indefinitely.

Many of todays adults will remember the catchy theme tune and that sausage in the title credits. There is a new headmaster at grange hill mr llewellyn, who introduces. Grange hill 1986 series 9 episode 7 part 2 of 3 duration. Max enjoys rubbing rosss nose into it as he rehearses with karen for the dance finals. It was first shown in 1978 and its still going today. Grange hill goes to germany for the choir competition. As the end of the summer term approaches, a quiz between pupils from grange hill and brookdale is arranged. Contentsshow student arrivals joe williams paula webster denny josh davis jessica arnold rachel burns arnie arnold colin brown sam spalding dill lodge anna wright hammy student departures richard justine dean maria watts hammy staff. Grange hill is one of the most successful television childrens dramas of all time. Baz has a new girlfriend, but he scares her off by disclosing his complex home life.

Suzanne ross played by sue tully had always been antiauthority, but after constant clashes, finally decides to leave grange hill for the world of work. Grange hill 1986 series 9 episode 17 part 3 of 3 by hollohollowayredux. Grange hill season 10 episode 1 episode 1 watch on kodi. Grange hill has been running for over 20 years and many of the actors have gone on to star in other well known programmes such as brookside, er and eastenders. Fans were left feeling nostalgic after seeing lee macdonald. Ant jones gets into an accelerated spiral of trouble with. Bill wadell updates the need for blood donations in midst of coronavirus pandemic. Grange hill tv show season 6 episodes list next episode. Most of us tend to associate ourselves with one or the other. A romance with georgina, constant clashes with mr bronson, running away from home and an eventual transfer to rival school st josephs were some of the highlights of ants time on grange h. Tanya causes lots of staring with her inflatable bra.

Grange hill cast are reunited on this morning daily mail online. Jodie faces rightwing youths who resent the intrusion of the english, and jessica gets drunk on schnapps. Grange hill series 9 episode 18 part 1 of 3 by hollohollowayredux. The ninth series of the british television drama series grange hill began broadcasting on 7.

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