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Iko permaphalt polymer modified mastic asphalt iko group plc. Asphalt mastic joint and crack melterapplicator biga. The product comprises suitably graded aggregates bound together with an asphaltic cement primarily refined bitumens to produce a dense. The occupation requires knowledge of a unique material that is applied in a molten form, including an understanding of how it is correctly heated and agitated so that it is transformed from solid into the correct molten condition to be. Mastic asphalt flooring is nonslippery and noiseless too, as such it is recommended for use in factories, loading platforms swimming pools, and terrace floors etc. Mastic asphalt definition of mastic asphalt by the free. It provides a deformationresistant, durable surfacing material, suitable for heavily trafficked roads. Today, virgin polymer modiied asphalt mixes are comparatively more. Find here information of mastic asphalt selling companies for your buy requirements. Mar 21, 2020 mastic asphalt is a building material that is used for paving, roofing and flooring. Exposure to vapours and aerosols from bitumen during manual application of mastic. When exposed to extremely high temperatures, mastic asphalt forms a thick, liquid substance that can be poured or spread. Functional performance of stone mastic asphalt pavements.

Mastic asphalter institute for apprenticeships and. Description of the product mastic asphalt ma is a dense mixture consisting of coarse aggregate, andor sand, and or limestone fine aggregate, andor filler and bitumen, which may contain additives for example polymers, waxes. We are highly skilled at working with mastic asphalt, and can artfully apply it while working around any projections to create a seamless roof surface. In this post we introduce mastic asphalt, a centuries old roofing material that is still in use today in both traditional and more modern forms. While the use of porous asphalt on motorways and trunk roads is now limited in the uk, guidance can still be sought from the specification for highwayworks. These are dense graded asphalt, stone mastic asphalt and open graded asphalt. Contact verified mastic asphalt manufacturers, mastic asphalt suppliers, mastic asphalt exporters wholesalers, producers, retailers and traders in india. Mastic asphalt mastic asphalt has a long and successful history covering a wide range of uses as a waterproofing medium for roofs, basements and foundations, and as a surfacing material for floors and paving. Stone mastic asphalt is a gap graded bituminous mixture containing a high proportion of coarse aggregate and filler. The coarse texture tends to reduce the generation of spray during rain periods. Pdf the importance of stone mastic asphalt in construction. For mastic asphalt, contact should be made with the mastic asphalt council 7 and for asphalt specifically to be used on airfields. It is a versatile hotapplied, pourable, selfadhesive ridged asphalt binder containing selected aggregate to ensure good load bearing and skid resistant characteristics. Mastic asphalt flooring on account of its being dustless, elastic, durable, waterproof, acid proof and attractive in appearance, mastic asphalt flooring is becoming very popular these days.

The european mastic asphalt association emaa changed in 2012 into the international mastic. Mastic mixers are heated tanks that store modified road repair material which is melted prior to applying over the damaged surface of asphalt roadways. Economical concrete protection with mastic asphalt dipl. It is promoted primarily for use as a surfacing course with relatively high surface texture, low permeability and a high resistance to rutting. We are a specialist mastic asphalting company working in london, bromley, croydon in construction and residential sectors. In the next post well introduce some buildups and describe some applications for the product. J21 mastic asphalt roofing insulation finishes to be read with preliminaries general conditions. The high stone content of at least 70% ensures stoneon stone contact after compaction. To ensure that tenders are based upon the specific grades of mastic asphalt required, it is essential that the asphalt contractor is given precise details of the bss number and of the table and column number therein.

Excellent installation of mastic asphalt flooring and and mastic asphalt roofing through out the east midlands, including derby, nottingham, leicester, newark and birmingham. Hotapplied mastic sealants mastic one crafco mastic one is designed for large cracks and distressed surface areas too small for repaving. Stone mastic asphalt sma, also called stonematrix asphalt, was developed in germany in the 1960s with the first sma pavements being placed in 1968 near kiel. Mastic asphalt is a high bitumen dense asphalt with no voids. Jan 21, 2017 composition of sma stone mastic asphalt is characterised by its high stone content which forms a gapgraded skeletonlike stone structure. However, i would like to say it now for the audience. The effects of coarse aggregate content on the resistance of stone matrix asphalt sma mixtures to moisture damage, aging, and lowtemperature cracking were evaluated. The mastic asphalt industry an european perspective. Mastic one type 2 is used for sealing, filling and repairing many distresses in both asphalt concrete and portland cement concrete pavements. This roof ponding repair kit can be topcoated with all commonly used roof coatings to waterproof a flat roof. Design and performance of stone mastic asphalt request pdf.

Mastic asphalt roofing systems have a long and successful history as a robust waterproofing medium for flat roofs, basements and foundations as well as a surfacing material for floors, pavements, car parks and bridge decks. It cannot be compacted, which means it is spread by hand rather than rolled. It is similar to traditional concrete asphalt in that it forms a very dense solidsurface material under average temperature conditions. Iko permaphalt is the result of extensive research and development, and the careful selection of polymers to provide improved performance in all flat. Order your onetonne pallets of mastic asphalt or bitumen blocks by clicking on the links below. Stone mastic asphalt seminar and ppt with pdf report. The voids of the structural matrix are filled with high viscosity bituminous mastic.

The work under this specification consists of the supply and application of stone mastic asphalt hereafter referred to as asphalt as a pavement wearing course. Usage of reclaimed asphalt material in stone mastic asphalt. Marketing boost for mastic asphalt also for europe the mastic asphalt construction method is considered to be established worldwide. Greenslope is a roof leveling compound that helps eliminate water ponding areas and facilitate flat roof drainage. Tla in mastic asphalt mixtures gilsonite proven to offer superior performance and economic advantages the waterresistant characteristics of mastic asphalt are due to high concentrations of bitumen and other additives that help bind aggregate particles together. A major problem facing local authorities and asset owners is the continuous deterioration of asphalt around exiting steelworks. Polymer modified mastic asphalt is installed by trained operatives who have undertaken the mastic asphalt industrys extensive training programme, which lasts for a minimum of 3 years to nvq level 23 or equivalent. Hard, durable aggregate and deerys innovative, voidless compound requires no compaction and remains serviceable through many seasons. Professional mastic asphalt installations london mj.

Of these, stone mastic asphalt sma has demonstrated comparable or better performance characteristics than dga, and can satisfy regulated surface texture requirements without the need for grooving. Stone mastic asphalt was developed in germany in the mid of 1960s and it has scatter throughout europe and the entire world in 1980s and 1990s respectively. Stone mastic asphalt may be referred to by the acronym sma. Highway research project 933, a mix design manual for hot mix asphalt, indicates that. The mastic asphalt industry a global perspective the mastic asphalt industry a global perspective 1. Following our introduction to the topic of mastic asphalt last week, today were writing about when you might come across mastic asphalt and which types of roofing and other projects it should be considered for. It has low air voids with high levels of macro texture when laid, resulting in a waterproof layer with good surface drainage 10. Scope this work shall consist of constructing a single layer of mastic asphalt wearing course for road pavements and bridge decks. Although it is well known that the stone mastic asphalt sma pavement has. Iko permaphalt is a specially formulated mastic asphalt roofing, using advanced polymer technology to give the ideal combination of long term durability, increased fatigue resistance, improved temperature stability and ease of installation.

Polymer modified mastic asphalt can only be installed by listed contractors. Pdf evaluation of nanosilica modified stone mastic asphalt. Bituminous mastic all weather trowel for roofs your smart advantages for bedding, pointing, sealing for asphalt and felt roofs temperature trowel on uses bostik bituminous mastic for roofs is a multipurpose trowel grade bituminous material for waterproofing, stopping, bedding, pointing and sealing. Stone mastic asphalt sma is a stoneonstone like skeletal structure of gap graded aggregate, bonded together by mastic, which actually is higher binder content, filler and fiber to reduce the binder drain. Raynor ltd catering for all your asphalt flooring and asphalt roofing requirement. The importance of stone mastic asphalt in construction. The big a asphalt crack mastic melter applicator is designed to maintain working temperature of the mastic sealer for application on wide cracks in asphalt pavement making the roadway reusable in. When damage has progressed beyond the limits of sealing and filling, deery repair mastic is the solution to further extend the usable life of paved surfaces. Also explore the seminar topics paper on stone mastic asphalt with abstract or synopsis, documentation on advantages and disadvantages, base paper presentation slides for ieee final year civil engineering ce or ieee civil construction btech, be, mtech students for the year 2015 2016.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to lay mastic asphalt on to a wide range of surfaces and structures. Waste plastic as a stabilizing additive in stone mastic asphalt. Characterization of mastic asphalt with cold mix partha paratim biswas, manoj kumar sahis, dipesh majumder, chinmoy seal and gokul mandal abstract in the present study, an attempt has been made to use cold mix technology as an alternative approach for preparation of mastic asphalt. Pavement solutions for wide cracks and distresses crafco. Asphalt, also known as bitumen is a sticky, black, and highly viscous liquid or semisolid form of. Mastic asphalt is an intimate homogeneous mixture of selected wellgraded aggregates, filler and bitumen in such proportions as to yield a plastic and voidless mass, which. Mastic asphalt is unbeatable when it comes to achieving a smooth, seamless surface of asphalt roofing. Pdf there are three major types of asphalt surfacings, characterized by a mixtureof bitumen and stone aggregate. Stone mastic asphalt is characterised by its high stone content which forms a gapgraded skeletonlike stone structure. The mastic asphalt industry a global perspective final.

At mj maintenance, we are able to apply a durable waterproof mastic asphalt layer to roofs, balconies, platforms, and a range of other surfaces. Explore stone mastic asphalt with free download of seminar report and ppt in pdf and doc format. Mastic one type 2is a hot applied, pourable, aggregatefilled, black color, polymer modified asphalt pavement repair mastic. Pdf stone mastic asphalt is a gap graded asphalt mixture used in heavily. Lifecycle cost considerations have convinced clients on all continents that mastic asphalt is the most economical construction method for bridge construction in the long term. Stabilizing additives are needed in the mastic which is rich in. This paper studies the functional performance of two bituminous mixtures of stone mastic asphalt sma, fabricated with the same polymer modified binder, but. Stone matrix asphalt sma crumb rubber from ground tyres in asphalt binder at certain. Stone mastic asphalt seminar report, ppt, pdf for civil. However, in most cases manual application is still common. Details of the location and extent of asphalt work are either summarised at annexure 502a, or are shown on the drawings. Rutting and fatigue properties of cellulose fiberadded stone. The high stone content of at least 70% ensures stoneonstone contact after compaction. Pdf dynamic properties and fatigue life of stone mastic asphalt.

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