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I really dont favor tails as much as normal people. I highly doubt anyone, let alone knuckles, could run faster then that. Knuckles wins if he gets the master and chaos emeralds. Sonics task was to keep knuckles away from the chaos emeralds. Anyway, he also has one super form that requires seven chaos emeralds, called hyper knuckles, who glows pink and is on par with super sonic. Yes no yes, but not as much as sonic the hedgehog sonic the hedgehog vs mario. Mario from super mario galaxy or super mario oddysey and sonic from sonic lost world. And its our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a death battle. Silver may be slow on ground, but he can fly pretty fast in sonic generations, and hes the toughest rival to beat in the game. Im pretty sure it all depends on if they are running on flat terrain, or if they are going downhill. Tails is the one that is always getting bullied all the time. Once sonic knows that mario has a powerup, he will know to get out of the way until his powerups stop working. I have always encountered this kind of debate and i finally give out an answer to who will win, sonic would win in a death battle with these two. Not only is sonic much faster, marios star power is temporary.

Knuckles tasks was to get the master emerald pieces from sonic. During conception of sonic the hedgehog 3, the development team wanted to create a new rival for sonic. Who would win in the fight sonic team vs sans team sonic. Mario forming his own team and sonic also forming his own team. Ill be measuring their speed and strength to find ou.

Mario might have fireballs, but shadow has electric spears. Knuckles and sonic use the chaos emeralds to go super. The story follows the player characters, sonic the hedgehog and knuckles the echidna, in their quests to save angel island. Silver is a bit in trouble during the fight with shadow in 06 because of his chaos controll, but later he learns it too. My three questions would be for both sonic and mario seperately. Ultra sonic vs chaos knuckles vs battles wiki fandom. Needless to say, its probable that knuckles would win over sonic. Hands down, sonic would destroy knuckles in a race. Both fighters arent exactly willing to kill each other due. What is your favorite game from the mario or sonic series overall. Since you never specified winning at what, im going to say a race.

Giant squid, one that wasnt shown in the original set, lobster vs. Almost the whole world has heard of this little video game character, to the point that he once became the most. Also, like you said, chaos knuckles and titan tails are very situational forms. Sonic the hedgehog is known for having many rivals, from mega man to mario. Composite sonic, knuckles, tails and shadow vs composite kirby. Dont know about that combat speed brah, pretty sure knuckles keeping up with sonic who can and i quote run anywhere at the speed of light and fight competitively with him. Knuckles constantly bullies tails and he gets sick of it so tails decides to have a fight with knuckles. Rise of lyric 2014 sonic lost world 20 sonic generations 2011 sonic colors 2010 sonic and the black knight 2009 sonic unleashed 2008 sonic and the secret rings 2007 sonic the hedgehog 2006 shadow the hedgehog 2005. Tails, knuckles, amy, big, cream, and the rest of the city said their goodbyes and waved at the blue hero that saved all of their lives. Shadow the hedgehog takes on knuckles the echidna in a battle of sonic s rivals. React to big oofs with spiderman wailing noooo movers from a glue commercial receive an unexpected visit. Sonic probably beat him in some game i never played, but how many times did the player have to replay the mission til heshe won. Hello everyone jonjoker12 back again with a video for today.

Who would win in the fight sonic team vs sans team. The final design of knuckles was the result of dozens of possible designs inspired by. Sonic never had master emerald pieces so knuckles didnt win. Its not that i dislike or hate tails and silver i just think that sonic, shadow, and knuckles are better. Sonic tries to prevent doctor robotnik from relaunching his orbital weapon, the death egg, while knuckles.

Hyper knuckles isnt as in tune with the chaos force nor with the master emerald as chaos knuckles is. Sonic the hedgehog 3, sonic and knuckles original super mario bros. I purchased this guide in a fit of whimsy, finding it for a much lower price that it normally sells at and thinking that in a worstcase scenario, i could just turn it for a mild profit. Tails would be a much better matchup, since we rarely see them fight against each other and tails actually has some helpful advantages flying, gadgets, etc. Mario the italian plumber vs sonic the blue hedgehog. This is the second mario vs sonic themed episode, after mario vs sonic 2011, and with the next two being donkey kong vs knuckles and mario vs sonic 2018. Knuckles the echidna is one of sonicwhacker55s main characters and the tritagonist of sonicwhacker55. Without them, we have bubble knuckles sonic heroes transformation and hyper knuckles vs bubble tails, super tails, and turbo tails. What color are you based on these things that dont exist.

Who would win in a fight, sonic or mario yahoo answers. Its like hst said, its hard for archie 2as to have a match against each other due to shared resistances. Sonic cant kill knuckles here, and knuckles cant kill sonic. Today i give you an episode of the jonjoker12 who would win series where i pin up fictional comic book characters against each other in. Plus, all sonic has to really do to win is hit him at full speed a few times, which wouldnt really be too hard, unless knux has superamazing reflexes which weve never seen before.

Memers show some love for history channels latenight programming. When he does his spin technique he can reach speeds of 3000 miles per hour. For over four millenniums ago, the clan of an echidna race known as the knuckles tribe were. It is part of the sonic the hedgehog series and the sequel to sonic the hedgehog 3 1994.

Sonic ran down the giant suspension bridge with the fresh wind blowing through his quills and rushing past his face. Sonic would win over every adventure sonic had he collects rings the rings give him the edge in power and danger span which is worth like of a trillion thats how many rings he collects. Sonic has speed thats unbelievable speed that can go over speed of light that had been said in sonic colors 3ds. Also gametv sonic vs gametv flash would be close, barry may have a chance against him, but not archie, even comic flash cant stand a chance, archie sonic ran past universes like a person running past houses in a neighborhood, dont forget about hyper sonic too, his average speed is 15, 000 but at full power and max speed, its unknown and. Knuckles can trigger volcanic explosions by punching the ground hard enough, can dodge machine gun fire and can keep up with sonic. Yes, but not as much as mario are you a fan of mario. Unfortunately, there has never been a super sonic and super knuckles battle, nor a hyper sonic and hyper knuckles. Also shadow has chaos spear, chaos blast, and chaos control. He is mean, disrespectful to his friends, and loves to torture and antagonize tails. Knuckles vs donkey kong death battle vs battles wiki.

It was also the second episode in which the sonic character won, after mario vs sonic 2011. Egoraptor arin hanson 2020 democratic party presidential debates in detroit spidermans noooo king of random videogamedunkey. Those are considered some of the canonically strongest smash characters, but who would actually win in a battle. Sonic would definitely win on a downward incline due to his ability to roll into a ball and accelerate as he did so. The only thing going for knuckles here is his constant rise in power, which sonic will realize when his hits start to hurt more over time. Ultimate on the nintendo switch, a gamefaqs message board topic titled who would win. Sonic the hedgehog 1991 donkey kong 1981 sonic the hedgehog 2 1992 super mario bros. Sonic can then freely slam into knuckles with spin dash until knuckles is incapacitated.

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