Model 70 270 winchester value book

Get the best deals on winchester vintage hunting books and manuals when you shop the largest online selection at. I dont really care about the value, because this family heirloom will be mine for life. Winchester 70 extreme weather stainless steel 3006 spg. I shot a deer one time at310 of a mile in the neck. Since then, winchester repeating arms company has continued to design and manufacture quality firearms. Mossberg 700 308 win special purpose synthetic varmint rifle. It was in these articles and books that the winchester model 70 shone as the. Wayne miller of the ohio gun collectors association has written an excellent article on the pre64 model 70, putting this rifles popularity into proper context, and at the same time conveying some great. Pre1964 model 70s bring a substantial price premium due to a public. Winchester repeating arms model 70 gun values by gun.

Winchester 70 featherweight 3006 spg bolt action rifle. The action has some design similarities to mauser designs and it is a development of the earlier winchester model 54 the model 70 was originally manufactured by the. The gun looks new with no marks or wear to metal i see. This rifle has seen plenty of time in the field and is ready. Winchester model 101 field grade waterfowl ou, 3 chambers, 30 vent rib ported barrels. Wax will remove that rust pretty well and protect it as well. Spending hours combing hillsides for your prey is easier and more enjoyable with a winchester model 70 featherweight boltaction rifle. Used winchester guns for sale guns for sale winchester used.

We make a number of model 70 rifles on a periodic basis. I found a 1959 winchester model 70 in a caliber that suits me. Winchester model 70 featherweight bolt action rifl. In your experience, how do the blue book of gun values stack up in reality, vs the prices listed. A necessary reference book for the winchester collector and well worth the price. The value is retail, so if you are selling to a dealer, the value will be less.

This is must have info for ordering parts or stocks. Gun collector organizations from the blue book hard to identify or value firearms. About the pre64 winchester model 70 perhaps you have landed on this site by accident and are wondering why all the fuss over some old rifle. I will probably end up posting it in the classifieds here. Winchester rifles modern boltautosingle model 70 pre 64.

Mossberg 700 cdl 270 win stainless fluted bolt action rifle. Pre 64 post wwii model 70 featherweight values via. Browse all new and used winchester rifles model 70 pre64 for sale and buy with. Model 70 rifles with serial numbers below 700,000 are the pre64 variety. Discussion in main message board started by bigbamboo, nov 2, 2017. Clear winchester wikipedia page 38 items found page 1 1. Its highly polished, deeplyblued steel and finely checkered, fancy grain walnut stock with shadowline cheekpiece define the timeless grace and elegance of the model 70 super grade. Winchester model 70 rifles for sale rifles winchester model 70. Find winchester model 70 for sale at, the worlds largest gun auction site. Determine the book value of firearm after you have found your model and condition, you can use the following chart to find the approximate value of your gun. Winchester model 70 featherweight boltaction rifle bass pro shops. What is the value of a winchester pre64 modlel 70 in.

The winchester model 70, pre64 to current production revivaler. The rifles shown on this page are in current production. The winchester model 70 is a boltaction sporting rifle. I have used it to shoot bears,elk,deer, wild boars, javelina,antelope,turkey,and small game. Winchester vintage hunting books and manuals for sale ebay. The winchester model 70 is known as the riflemans rifle. Without question, its one of the most basic, utilitarian, and classic boltaction weapons on the market. That would be a winchester model 70 classic dbm in. It has an iconic place in american sporting culture and has been held in high regard by shooters since it was introduced in 1936, earning the moniker the riflemans rifle. Ive read the post war m70s dont have the quality of the really early ones. Biesen oconnor custom winchester model 70 featherweight. This selfappraisal course deals with all model 70 winchester rifles, but focuses on the pre64 winchesters, or those guns produced prior to 1964. It has the older style checkered tupperware stock with the e.

These boltaction rifles make up the core family of model 70s currently being produced by winchester repeating arms. Winchester rifles modern boltauto single model 70 pre 64 for sale and auction. The model 70 boltaction rifle, widely considered to be the finest boltaction ever. It is very nice with a 24in barrel and in lop to factory winchester pad.

Winchester 70 featherweight 300 wsm bolt action rifle. Good afternoon, current blue book value for your gun is listed below. I also agree that the level of workmanship exceeds most of todays offerings, especially if the rifle is made in the us. Win pre 64 model 70 264 win mag featherweight special. Checkered pattern on the stock provides a firm grasp. This is a 1947 made winchester model 70 in 270 winchester. From the serial number, this gun was manufactured in 1962. The pre 64 model 70 winchester is, without doubt, a classic quality rifle and if one came to me at a decent price, id jump on it. I am talking about pre1898 and slightly thereafter winchester 1886s, 1892s, and 1894s. Winchester model 70 transitional super grade rifle. The pre64 model 70 bolt action rifle advertised by winchester throughout much of its production history as the riflemans rifle.

Winchester model 70 featherweight boltaction rifle. You have to remember that winchester was still making another bolt action centerfire rifle, the model 54, and they had to test the model 70 and sell the left over model 54s before they could release a new gun. What is the value of a winchester model 70 270 serial. Pre64 model 70s bring a very premium price due to a public perception that the had several desirable features controlled round feed, cut cheeckering that the post64 did not have. The model 70 was produced from 1935 until winchester closed their connecticut factory in 2006, with approximately 700,000 model 70 guns sold prior to 1964. Winchester rifles, also known as the gun that won the west, made their debut in america with the winchester model 1866 which served as one of the worlds first repeating rifles. I only wish i had gotten the original when they were available. What is a good price for a winchester model 70 270. Winchester rifles model 70 post64 for sale guns international. Could someone please let me know what the value is. I have only fired 20 rounds out of the gun and it has not been used to hunt with. Winchester rifles model 70 pre64 for sale guns international.

The model 70 came out in 1935 and in only a couple of calibers to start with. Buy a winchester rifles modern boltauto single model 70 pre 64 online. Collectors, shooters and hunters, this is winchester model 70 xtr in 270 winchester. I am considering selling my winchester model 70 ranger. What is the value of a winchester model 70 270 rifle answers. Winchester model 70 featherweight bolt action rifle. The cut checkering, so revered by riflemen, was replaced with a.

Pre64 model 70 winchester rifles can best be identified by serial number. Choose the lowest price from our multiple warehouses. Winchester coyote lite 270 wsm long range hunting forum. Appraise your winchester 70 gun, rifle, value, production. I actually won this gun on a ticket in the mid nineties. Winchester repeating arms model 70 gun values by gun digest. Assuming that yours is a standard grade model 70, its blue book value is.

Winchester model 70 featherweight rifle sportsmans warehouse. Light scratches and dings all over with a large scratch on right butt above swivel stid. The winchester model 70 is the boltaction rifle that all others are compared to. If receiver is unusable then rifle is worth the value of its usable parts, i. Asked in winchester firearms, remington firearms what is the value of a winchester model 71. I love the 3 position safety, free floating barrel and the adjustable trigger. Download a pdf with pricing, value and reference information for winchester arms, courtesy of the standard catalog of firearms. If you buy it to keep new as an investment for future increase in value, it might be worth it. Proceeds from the sale will be directed to the boone and crockett club. Blue book of gun valuesreality vs theory winchester. They are good rifles, but folks just dont consider them real model 70s. You can buy winchester model 70 with confidence from thousands of sellers who list every day. For the purposes of this article, the weapon of choice is the model 70 sporter. Firearms sportsmans legacy, fine firearms, related books and.

This pre 1964 standard weight model 70 is chambered in the. This has been a safe queen of mine for quite some time and since i dont have anyone to pass it on to its for sale. The winchester model 70 ruled supreme in the rifle world until 1964, when winchester instituted some drastic, and infamous, changes. Winchester model 70 in a 270 win cal has 3x9 widefield redfield scope and sling. My deer rifle for this year and likely into the future is an fn mauser of a similar vinatage that started out as a 257 roberts and was later re. Prices seem a little high in the book, i think, until you start getting in the 95% rangethen the values seem low relative to what is out there at gun shows. They cheapened many parts to reduce the cost of manufacture. The winchester model 70 alaskan returns to the pre64 values of the winchester model 70 legend.

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